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The HAS CRS West-Hungarian Research Institute has extended its profile with the aid of Hungarian-Austrian Phare CBC Small Project Fund 2000 with the establishment of Cross-border library, document and information centre for regional and economic development. With this action the WHRI has raised the quality of it’s infrastructure in addition to the existing functions (spatial development library and board-room) to a higher standard).

The activities of the library are the following:

• Collection of spatial development bibliography (books, periodicals) in the languages of Hungarian, English, German, Slovakian, Slovenian and Croatian.

• Collection of spatial development, cross-border research and planning documents, created in the West Transdanubian Region as the target territory of the Austrian-Hungarian Interreg-Phare CBC program, and those concerning the cross-border territories such as Austrian, Slovakian, Slovenian and Croatian borders. These documents are focusing on spatial and economical development (including R&D, structure of the industry, economical networks and clusters, tourism and agriculture and rural development), HR development, environment and infrastructure development.

• The library and the document archive links to the network of higher education libraries and public libraries, in both sides of the Austrian- Hungarian border and in the bordering states of West Transdanubian Region (Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia).

• Providing Internet based information on the field of spatial and economical development.

• Bibliography, and document collection

• Beside the library there is a conference room with the capacity of 30 people and two additional rooms used for research. The conference room is suitable for housing cross-border spatial development conferences, workshops and research meetings.

The research rooms can be used by researchers (dealing with cross-border researches) Ph.D. scholars and students working on their thesis. Both activities are based on the infrastructure and data of the document and information centre.

Target groups of the library are:

• Research institutes

• Consulting agencies

• Economical and professional chambers, non-profit organisations

• Governmental and deconcentrated governmental organisations,

• Settlements, county and regional local governments and their offices

• County and regional spatial development councils, regional and EU-regions organisations

• Micro-regional development organisations (local government allowances, micro regional agents, farmers)

• Institutes and teacher of universities and colleges, students of PhD, graduate and post-graduate programmes

• Economic and enterprise development organisations (business parks, innovation centres and cluster organisations)

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Established with the aid of Hungarian-Austrian
Phare CBC Small Project Fund 2000