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NAGY Erika

Nagy Erika
Great Plain Research Institute
Békéscsaba Department


Curriculum Vitae

Personal data

Name : Nagy Erika

Place and date of birth : Gyoma, January 25th,1968

Marital status : married, one child


fax Centre +36 (66) 441-801
landline Centre +36 (66) 441-801
E-mail nagye(at)
E-mail nagy.erika(at)

Education and training

1991József Attila University, Szeged, Hungary — MSc in Geography and History
1998University of Leicester, Leicester, United Kingdom — MA in Urban History
1999Hungarian Academy of Sciences — PhD in Geography
2015University of Szeged, Institute of Geography — Habilitation

Language skills

German (reads)
Russian (reads)
English (writes, reads, lectures)

Places of work and employment

1991—1994József Attila University, Dept. of Economic Geography, Szeged — Early Stage Research Fellow
1994—1998Centre for Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, West Hungarian Institute, Győr — Research Fellow
1999—University of Szeged — Lecturer
1999—Centre for Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Békéscsaba Department — senior research fellow

Scientific activity

1986—Hungarian Geographical Society, member
1996—Hungarian Economic Association, member
1996—ERSA, member
2000—European Network for Service Studies (RESER), member
2000—The Public Body of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, member
2007—Cities After Transition Network (non-formal research network), member
2008—Urban studies reserach group/Committe for Social Geography, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, member
2013—RC21, member
2015—Economic geography reserahc group/ Committe for Social Geography, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, chair
2016—Committe for Doctoral Training, Faculty of Sceinces and Infornmatics, University of Szeged, member
2016—Committe for the Geoscience Doctoral School, University of Szeged, member


1989NSSC, 1st place
1991NSSC, 3th place
1991—1994Scholarship granted by the Doctoral Council, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
1993Award of the Doctoral Council, Hungarian Academy of Sciences for Young Scientists
1998National Strategic Programs Award for Young Scientists/ Hungarian Academy of Sciences
1998—2000Research Support Scheme Fellowship
1999Eötvös Scholarship/Ministry for Education, Magyar Állam
2004Eötvös Scholarship/Ministry for Education, Magyar Állam
2004—2006Bolyai János Research Scholarship
2008—2011Bolyai János Research Scholarship
2012Bolyai Award /Hungarian Academy of Sciences
2016Pro Geografia Award/Hungarian Geographical Society

Editorial Membership

1996—1998Tér és Társadalom (Space and Society), editor
2015Hungarian Geographical Bulletin, guest editor
2017European Spatial Research and Policy, guest editor

Research fields

urban geography (gentrification; urban land markets)
critical theory in economic geography
economic geography (consumption, producer services, retail, global production networks)
urban history
urban planning
research ethics

Trips abroad

1996—1997scholarship — United Kingdom
1999scholarship — Czech Republic
2005scholarship — Germany
2007scholarship — Poland
2011scholarship — Germany


Complete list of of publications and citations (MTMT Hungarian Scientific Bibliography)

Selected list of scientific publications

Nagy, E., Timár, J. 2017: The (re)production of periperality in Central and Eastern Europe. Foreword. European Spatial Research and Policy 24:(2) pp. 5-17.

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Nagy E, 1999: Growth and urban differentiation on the urban periphery: a case study from Szeged Hungary. Geojournal, 46:(1) pp. 221-230.
Book chapters

Nagy E. 2017: New Consumption Spaces and Cross-border Mobilities. In: Hall D (szerk.)
Tourism and Geopolitics: Issues and Concepts from Central and Eastern Europe . 408 p.
Wallingford: CAB International, 2017. pp. 142-157

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Nagy, E, Timár, J. 2012: Urban restructuring in the grip of capital and politics: Gentrification in East-Central Europe. In: Csapó T, Balogh A (eds.): Development of the Settlement Network in the Central European Countries: Past, Present, and Future. Berlin; Heidelberg: Springer Verlag, pp. 121-135.

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Nagy, E. 2012: Verseny vagy kiegyenlítés? Az európai várospolitika neoliberális fordulata és a helyi tervezési-fejlesztési gyakorlatok „projektesítése” (Competition or equality? The neoliberal turn in the European urban policy and the ‘projectification’ of local practices). In: Pál, V. (ed): A társadalomföldrajz lokális és globális kérdései (The global and the local in social geographical discourses) Szeged: University of Szeged, pp. 54-67.

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Conference papers, lectures

Nagy, E. 2017: The invisible mechanisms of reproducing socio-spatial marginalities - An account of changing state agency in the European periphery. AAG Annual Meeting, Boston USA, 2017.04.05 -2017.04.09.

Nagy, E., Nagy, G. 2015: Deserted consumption landscapes or scenes of multiple strategies? Marginality and agency in rural spaces of ‘post-transition’ economies. Fourth Global Conference on Economic Geography 2015. Oxford, UK, 2015. 08. 19-23.

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Nagy, E., Nagy, G. 2014: Global embedding as a response to socio-spatial marginality – Entrepreneurial strategies and the perceptions of well-being in the declining rural spaces of Hungary. IGU 2014. International Geographical Union Regional Conference: Kraków,  2014.08.19 -2014.08.22.

Nagy E, Nagy, G. 2013: The layers of dependence and the changing role of the state – conceptualising urban change in the East of Europe. RC21 Conference – Resourceful cities. Humboldt-Universität, Berlin, 2013.08.29-2013.08.30.

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