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FARKAS Jenő Zsolt

Farkas Jenő Zsolt
Great Plain Research Institute
Kecskemét Department


Curriculum Vitae

Personal data

Name : Farkas Jenő Zsolt

Place and date of birth : Budapest, September 1st,1977

Marital status : married


landline Work +36 (76) 502-846
fax Centre +36 (76) 502-849
landline Centre +36 (76) 502-840
E-mail farkasj(at)rkk.hu
E-mail farkas.jenozsolt(at)krtk.mta.hu

Education and training

2000University of Szeged — geographer, specialization in settlement development
2000University of Szeged — MSc. in history and geography
2002University of Budapest, Faculty of Public Administration — financial expert of local goverments, specialization in settlement management
2003University of Szeged — fulfilled all requirements of the ’Geographical and geological analysis of regional processes PhD programme’
2006Budapest University of Technology (BME) — applied GIS expert
2008University of Szeged — PhD comprehensive exam
2011University of Szeged, Doctoral School of Geosiences — PhD Earth Science

Language skills

German (reads)
English (writes, reads, lectures)

Places of work and employment

1999—2000Virágh Gedeon Secondary School, Kunszentmiklós — history and geography teacher
2000—2001County Office of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Kecskemét — chief inspector of national agricultural subsidies
2002—2005County Office of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Kecskemét — IT inspector
2005—2011HAS CRS Great Plain Institute, Kecskemét — junior research fellow
2011—2013College of Kecskemét — senior lecturer
2011—2020HAS CRS Great Plain Institute, Kecskemét — research fellow
2020—KRTK Regionális Kutatások Intézete Alföldi Tudományos Osztály, Kecskemét — tudományos főmunkatárs

Teaching activities

2008—lecturer, College of Kecskemét, Faculty of Horticulture, Department of Regional Development and Applied GIS
2018—titular associate professor, John von Neumann University
2018—lecturer, Szent István University, Enyedi György Doctoral School of Regional Sciences

Scientific activity

2011—HAS Regional Board of Szeged, Agroeconomics, member
2015—HAS Regional Board of Szeged, Earth Science, member

Subjects taught

Regional statistics (College of Kecskemét, Faculty of Horticulture)
Geographical Information Systems (College of Kecskemét & Szent István University)
Natural resources (College of Kecskemét, Faculty of Horticulture)
Agrarian and Rural Development (College of Kecskemét, Faculty of Horticulture)
Strategic issues of rural development (College of Kecskemét, Faculty of Horticulture)
Rural Development (College of Kecskemét, Faculty of Horticulture)

Research fields

Environmental, land use and urban GIS applications
Agricultural geography
Rural geography
Rural development


Complete list of publications and citations (MTMT Hungarian Scientific Bibliography)

Selected list of scientific publications

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Anomie as a thermometer of the crisis (experiment) - Social Capacity - phenomenon of the complex crisis. In: Bódi F, Fábián G, Fónai M, Kurkinen J, Lawson R T, Pietiläinen H (szerk.) Access to Services in Rural Areas: A Comparison of Finland and Hungary. 315 p. Bremen: Europäischer Hochschulverlag GmbH, 2014. pp. 149-172. (Studies on Comparative Social Pedagogies and international Social Work; 27.) (ISBN:978-3-86741-898-0) Társszerzők: Bódi F.-Horváth Zs.

Land Use Changes in the Rural-Urban Fringe of Kecsk emét after the Economic Transition JOURNAL OF SETTLEMENTS AND SPATIAL PLANNING 4:(2) pp. 153-159. (2013) Társszerzők: Csatári B.-Lennert J.

Situation of Hungarian geography in the early twenty-first century. CENTRAL EUROPEAN REGIONAL POLICY AND HUMAN GEOGRAPHY 2:(2) pp. 37-47. (2012) Társszerző: Hoyk E.

Problems and development concepts for scattered farms in Hungary - A case study from the "Kiskunság Region". HRVATSKI GEOGRAFSKI GLASNIK/CROATIAN GEOGRAPHICAL BULLETIN 73:(2) pp. 165-177. (2011) Társzerző: Kovács AD.