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GÁL Zoltán

Gál Zoltán
Transdanubian Research Institute


Curriculum Vitae

Personal data

Name : Gál Zoltán

Place and date of birth : Eger, December 21st,1967

Marital status : married, two children


landline Centre +36 (72) 523-800
fax Centre +36 (72) 523-803
landline Work +36 (72) 523-825
E-mail galz(at)

Education and training

1992The Queens University, Belfast, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences — non-degree MSc.program
1993Kossuth Lajos University, Debrecen — BSc., MSc. (geography-history)
1994Central European University, Budapest — M.A .
1998Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest — PhD in Geography
2003SQW & the British Know How Fund — Innovation manager
2009University of Pécs Faculty of Business and Economics — habilitation

Language skills

German (reads, lectures)
Russian (reads, lectures)
English (writes, reads, lectures)

Places of work and employment

1993—1996Centre for Regional Studies Hungarian Academy of Sciences Central and East-Hungarian Research Institute — HAS TMB scholarship
1994—1996University of Miskolc Faculty of Arts Department of World History — assistant lecturer
1996—1997Protestant Reformed High School in Pécs — teacher
1997—2000Centre for Regional Studies Hungarian Academy of Sciences Transdanubian Research Institute — junior research fellow
2000—Centre for Regional Studies Hungarian Academy of Sciences Transdanubian Research Institute — senior research fellow
2001—University of Pécs Faculty of Business and Economics Doctoral School of Regional Policy and Economics, Pécs — consultant
2001—2003University of Kaposvár Faculty of Economic Science — department's senior
2004—University of Kaposvár Faculty of Economic Science — associate professor
2010—2013University of Kaposvár — Director of International Relations
2010—University of Kaposvár — Head of the department of Regional Economics and Statistics
2013—2014University of Pécs, Faculty of Economics — Senior Researcher (part-time F7 project)

Teaching activities

1994—1996assistant lecturer, University of Mikolc
1998—2003visiting lecturer, University of Pécs Faculty of Business and Economics Department of Agriculture, Environment and Regional Economics
2001—2003department's senior, associate professor, University of Kaposvár Faculty of Economics
2001—consultant, University of Pécs Faculty of Business and Economics Doctoral School of Regional Policy and Economics, Pécs
2004—associate professor, University of Kaposvár Faculty of Economic Science
2005guest lecturer, Visegrad Fundation Summer School, Kraków
2005—2009visiting lecturer, College for Modern Business Studies, Odorheiu Secuiesc, Romania
2006guest lecturer, Danube Rectors Conference Summer School, Dubrovnik
2008guest lecturer, Georegnet Summer School, University of Maribor
2010guest lecturer, Olomouc, Palacky University

Scientific activity

1900—Regional Innovation Strategy in South-Transdanubia, Steering Committee, member
1992—2005Hajnal István Society of Social History, member
1998—Regional Committee of Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Pécs Committee of Environment, Settlement Science and Regional Development, member
1998—Hungarian Geographical Society, member
1998—Hungarian Academy of Sciences Section X Committee of Geographical Sciences, member
1999—Hungarian Academy of Sciences Section IX Law and Economics Committee of Regional Science, member
1999—Regional Science Association, European Section, member
2001—Regional Studies Association, member
2001—Pécs-Baranya Chamber of Commerce Committee of Innovation, member
2003—Hungarian Regional Science Association, member
2003—2005National Office for Research and Technology Regional Foresight Program, expert
2003—2004Hungarian Academy of Sciences Section X. European Commission DG Research Regional Foresight Workteam, external expert
2005—Society for the Advancement Socio-Economics, member
2006—2007ERAWATCH Project Network „Specific Analysis On the Regional Dimensions of Investment In Research” Program, expert
2008—Outsourcing and offshoring Business Services: RSA Research Network, member
2011—2012RSA Research Network “Geographies of finance and post-socialist transformations”, organiser
2011—Referee Board of the Hungarian Scientific Research Fund (OTKA) in Section on Economics & Future studies, member


1989—1993Scholarship of the Republic
1991NSSC, 2nd place
1991Scientific Award of European Hungary and Political Science Institution Foundation
1992Universitas Scholarship
1997Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship, HAS, MTA
1998National Strategic Programs Award of the HAS, 2nd place
1999Junior Scientists' Award of Hungarian Academy of Sciences
1999NSRB, Postdoctoral Scholarship, 2002nd place
2001—2003Bolyai János Research Scholarship
2005Eastern European Prize, The Society for the Advancement Socio-Economics
2007Young Scientist Award by the South Transdanubian Regional Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Editorial Membership

1998—2009Discussion Papers, series editor
2011—Tér és Társadalom
2011—Journal of Economic Development, Environment And People
2011—Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Subjects taught

Spatial economy of finance ()
Regional economics of financial services (University of Pécs Faculty of Business and Economics Doctoral School of Regional Policy and Economics)
Economic geography of the global world and Europe ()
Regional and urban economics ()
Innovation policy and financing (College of Modern Business Sciences Székelyudvarhely)
Innovation management ()
Regional economics ()
Regional economics of services (University of Pécs Faculty of Business and Economics Doctoral School of Regional Policy and Economics)
Regional innovation policy and management ()
International comparative economics (University of Pécs Faculty of Arts Department of Political Sciences)
The financial geography of globalization ()

Research fields

The spatial economy of finance, the geography of finance, the role of financial services in regional and local development, the spatial econnomy of international finance, outsourcing and spatial relocation of financial services (offshoring), the geography of banking
The regional economics of innovation, regional innovation policy, the spatial aspects of innovation, the geography of innovation

Trips abroad

1991—1992study trip (TEMPUS grant) — Ireland
1998study trip — United Kingdom
1998study trip — United Kingdom
1999study trip — United States
1999study tip — Poland
1999study trip — Austria
2000study trip — Italy
2001sudy trip (TEMPUS Program) — United Kingdom
2004study trip — Ireland
2007study trip — China
2008study trip — Czech Republic
2008study trip — United Kingdom
2008study trip — United States
2009study trip — Czech Republic
2014Trinity College, Dublin, visiting fellow at the Geography Department — Ireland


Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik — Croatia
University of the West of Scotland, Glasgow — United Kingdom
University of Maribor, Maribor — Slovenia
University, Cracow, Krakkó — Poland
Oxford University, Oxford — United Kingdom


Published 3 books (1 in English) 135 scientific articles (68 papers in English).

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