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KOVÁCS András Donát

Kovács András Donát
Great Plain Research Institute
Kecskemét Department


Curriculum Vitae

Personal data

Name : Kovács András Donát

Place and date of birth : Cegléd, June 17th,1972

Marital status : married, two children


landline Centre +36 (76) 502-840
fax Centre +36 (76) 502-849
E-mail kovacsa(at)

Education and training

1996Kossuth Lajos University — teacher of geography
1997Kossuth Lajos University — sociologist
1999University of Debrecen — geographer
2009University of Debrecen — PhD in Earth Sciences

Language skills

English (writes, reads, lectures)

Places of work and employment

2000—2009Centre for Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences — junior research fellow
2009—Centre for Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences — research fellow
2012—MTA KRTK RKI — tudományos munkatárs

Teaching activities

2001—2004lecturer, Kecskeméti College – Teacher Training Faculty
2005—2013lecturer, Kecskeméti College Faculty of Horticulture

Scientific activity

2005—Hungarian Regional Science Association, member
2005—Hungarian Geographical Association, member
2010—MTA köztestületi tag, X. Földtudományok Osztálya

Editorial Membership

2013—2014European Countryside

Research fields

vidékföldrajz - vidékszociológia
environmental conflicts of rural areas

Trips abroad

2003Academic study trip — Czech Republic
2004Academic study trip — Poland
2006Study trip — United Kingdom
2007Academic study trip — Poland


Mendel University, Brno — Czech Republic
University of Plymouth, Plymouth, Plymouth — United Kingdom



Publications in English
The Environmental Consciousness of Population by the riverside of Lower-Tisza. – Acta Geographica Debrecina, 2002/2003. 156–166. o.
(ed.): New Aspects of Regional Transfomation and the Urban-Rural Relationship. XIII. Polish-Hungarian Geographical Seminar, Tokaj, 26-30 September 2002. Pécs: Centre for Regional Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Scienses, 2004. 118 o. (Discussion Papers).
Environmental Conflicts as Barriers in the Sustainable Development of the Peripherial Regions of Hungary. In: Central and Eastern Europe: Changing Spatial Patterns of Human Activity. Ed.: T Komornicki, K. Ł. Czapiewski. Warsawa: Institute of Geography and Spatial Organiztaion HAS, Centre for European Studies, Polish Geographical Society, 2005. 19–31. o. (Europa XXI, 12.).
Role of the “Update of the Vásárhelyi Plan” in rural development along the River Tisza. In: The Rural Citizen: governance, culture and wellbeing in the 21st century. Eds: M. Warren, R. Yarwood. University of Plymouth, UK, 2006, [7] o. CD-ROM
Complex Environmental Problems of Scattered Farms in „Homokhátság Region” in Hungary. In: Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, volume no 3-4 / 2007, Institute of Agricultural Economics, Bucharest. 21-32.o. coauthor: Jenő Farkas
The special role of the national parks in the environment-conscious development of the less developed rural areas in Hungary. In: New Functions of Rural and Industrial Space in Central and Eastern Europe . Eds.: T. Komornicki, K. Ł. Czapiewski, B. Jaworska. Warszawa: Polish Academy of Sciences Stanisław Leszczycki Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization, Polish Geographical Society, 2008. 121–130. o. (Europa XXI, 17.).
(ed.) Old And New Borderlines/Frontiers/Margins. East-Central European Regional Seminar Gyula, 9-12 October, 2008. Discussion Papers Special. Pécs. 2009. Centre for Regional Studies. 144p. 
The logical associations and analysis of environmental consciousness from Geographical viewpoint, illustrated by examples from the Hungarian Great Plain. EUGEO 2009 Congress. Slovakia – Bratislava.