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MEZEI Cecília

Mezei Cecília
Transdanubian Research Institute


Curriculum Vitae

Personal data

Name : Mezei Cecília

Place and date of birth : Mosonmagyaróvár, October 27th,1975

Marital status : unmarried, two children


landline Centre +36 (72) 523-800
fax Centre +36 (72) 523-803
landline Work +36 (72) 523-840
E-mail mezeic(at)

Education and training

1999University of Pécs Faculty of Business and Economics — economist
2007University of Pécs Faculty of Business and Econmics Doctoral School of Regional Policy and Economics — PhD in regional science
2008Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest — Science communication and research management course

Language skills

Russian (writes, reads, lectures)
English (writes, reads, lectures)

Places of work and employment

2002—2007Centre for Regional Studies Hungarian Academy of Sciences Transdanubian Research Institute — junior research fellow
2007—Centre for Regional Studies HAS then Institute of Regional Studies Research Centre for Economic and Regional Studies HAS — research fellow
2013—2016Transdanubian Research Department Institute of Regional Studies Research Centre for Economic and Regional Studies HAS — head of department

Teaching activities

1999—2007reader, University of Pécs Faculty of Business and Economics
1999—2007reader, University of Pécs Faculty of Arts
2008—2011assistant professor, University of Kaposvár
2012—associate professor, University of Kaposvár

Scientific activity

2002—Hungarian Regional Science Association, member
2007—2008National Association of Doctorands, member
2007—Hungarian Academy of Sciences Committee of Regional Science, member
2008—2011Regional Committee of Hungarian Academy of Sciences Working Committee of Regional Development, secretary
2010—Doctoral Board, University of Pécs, Faculty of Business and Economics, member
2011—2014HAS Territorial Commitee, Pécs; Space and Settlement Sciences Committee, secretary
2014—HAS Territorial Commitee, Pécs; Space and Settlement Sciences Committee, member


2006Harsányi István Award, Hungarian Innovational Association-Foundation for Manager Training, Budapest
2008Youth Researcher Award, Regional Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
2011Excellent Junior Scienntists' Award, Hungarian Regional Science Association
2011—2014Bolyai János Research Scholarship

Subjects taught

Local economic development (University of Kaposvér)
Regional policy and development (Kaposvári Egyetem)
Spacial Planning and Programming (University of Kaposvár)
Public administration and local governmnet's finance (University of Kaposvár)

Research fields

Activity of local municipalities
Regional development in East Central-Europe
Local government's finance
Local and regional economic development

Trips abroad

2000study trip — Austria
2001study trip — Romania
2002study trip — Italy
2003study trip — Italy
2004study trip — Ireland


Félidőben nemzetközi konferencia, Pécs — Hungary
Warsaw Regional Forum 2013: Territorial Capital Concepts, Indicators and Policy, Varsó — Poland
Warsaw Regional Forum 2017: Space of Flows, Warsaw — Poland
Regional Cooperation in Europe: Opprtunity for the Balkans., Dubrovnik — Croatia
Territorial Cohesion in Europe, Pécs — Hungary
Warsaw Regional Forum 2011: Functional Regions – Towards a New Paradigm of Territorial and Cohesion Policy., Warsaw — Poland
Regional Studies Association’s annual conference in Pécs. 24th–26th May 2010., Pécs — Hungary
New Ideas and New Generations of Regional Policy in Eastern Europe, Pécs — Hungary
Regional disparities and regional development: from scientific research to policy recommendations, Cluj-Napoca — Romania


50 scientific papers, 10 on foreign language, 2 translations, 5 edited study collections.
Journals where articles are published: Tér és Társadalom, Területi Sta­tisztika, Magyar Tudomány, DETUROPE
Number of her independent citations: 112 (HAS Database of Civil Corporation Publications).


9 of her most important publications  

Mezei C

Case Study Report - Building Structural Fund Management systems: Learning by doing or imitating? pp. 1-24. ESPON TANGO - Territorial Approaches for New Governance: Annex A: Case Studies. Luxembourg: ESPON, Final version (2013)

Schmitt P, van Well L, Lange Scherbenske S, Reardon M, Stead D, Spaans M, Zonneveld W, Wandl A, Rivolin UJ, Cotella G, Santangelo M, Governa F, Caruso N, De Luca A, Davoudi S, Cowie P, Madanipour A, Vigar G, Pálné Kovács I, Mezei C, Grünhut Z, Zavodni Lamovsek A, Pichler-Milanovic N, Peterlin M, Simoneti M

Scientific Report: ESPON TANGO - Territorial Approaches for New Governance. 

LuxembourgESPON (European Spatial Planning Observation Network), 2013. 220 p.

Dubarle P, Mezei C, Pámer Z

Regional development programmes

In: Horváth Gy, Hajdú Z (eds.) Regional Transformation Processes in the Western Balkan Countries. 638 p. Pécs: Centre for Regional Studies of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2011. pp. 570-601.

Mezei C

Local economic development activity in Hungary

In: Tihi B (ed.) Regional cooperation in Europe: opportunity for the Balkans: proceedings. 337 p. 

International conference: Dubrovnik, Croatia, 2011.09.21-2011.09.23. Sarajevo: Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2011. pp. 181-190.
(Special editions / Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina; 137.)


Mezei C, Bakucz M

The impact of tourism-related investment on restructuring and regeneration in local economies suffering regional shadow-effects. In: Beauclair A (ed.) Regional Responses and Global Shift: Actors, Institutions and Organisations: Conference Abstract Volume. Konferencia helye, ideje: Pécs, Magyarország, 2010.05.24-2010.05.26. Pécs:Regional Studies Association, 2010. pp. 1-15.

Mezei C

The Role of Hungarian Local Governments in Local Economic Development. PécsCentre for Regional Studies of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2008. 61 p.

(Discussion Papers; 63.)

Mezei C

The Hungarian public administration and regionalism

In: Enyedi Gy, Tózsa I (eds.) The Region. Regional Development, Policy, Administration, E-Government. 480 p. 

Budapest: Akadémiai Kiadó, 2004. pp. 244-261.
(Transition, competitiveness and economic growth; 5.)


Mezei C

The role of the state subsidies in the regional development

In: Hajdú Z, Pálné Kovács I (eds.) Portrait of South Transdanubia: A Region in Transition. 204 p. 

Pécs: Centre for Regional Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2003. pp. 105-117.