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Pálné Kovács Ilona
Transdanubian Research Institute


Curriculum Vitae

Personal data

Name : Pálné Kovács Ilona

Place and date of birth : Pécs, June 11th,1954

Marital status : married, two children


landline Centre +36 (72) 523-800
fax Centre +36 (72) 523-806
E-mail palne(at)rkk.hu
E-mail palne.kovacs.ilona(at)krtk.hu

Education and training

1978University of Pécs Faculty of Law — university degree
1988Hungarian Academy of Sciences — CSc in Political Sciences
2000Hungarian Academy of Sciences — DSc
2001University of Pécs Faculty of Business and Economics — university habilitation
2013Hungarian Academy of Sciences — corresponding member
2019Magyar Tudományos Akadémia — rendes tag

Language skills

German (writes, reads, lectures)
Russian (reads)
English (writes, reads, lectures)

Places of work and employment

1978—1983CRS HAS TRI — junior research fellow
1983—1988CRS HAS TRI — research fellow
1988—1999CRS HAS TRI — senior research fellow
1989Ministry of the Interior of Hungary — head of department
1992—1997CRS HAS TRI — deputy director
1997—2012CRS HAS TRI — director
2000—2014CRS HAS TRI — scientific advisor
2002—Univ. Pécs Faculty of Arts and Humanities — professor
2012—2013Transdanubian Research Department Institute for Regional Studies HAS RCERS — head of department
2014—Transdanubian Research Department Institute for Regional Studies HAS CERS — research professor
2015—2017Institute for Regional Studies Centre for Economic and Regional Studies Hungarian Academy of Sciences — director

Teaching activities

1996—lecturer, Univ. of Pécs Faculty of Business and Economics Doctoral School of Regional Policy
1998—2001Széchenyi Scholarship, Univ. of Pécs Faculty of Arts and Humanities
2002—professor, Univ. of Pécs Faculty of Arts and Humanities Dept. of Political Sciences
2003—founding member, Univ. of Pécs Faculty of Arts and Humanities Interdisciplinary Doctoral School

Scientific activity

1988—HAS Scientific Committee on Regional Sciences, member
1990—1993HAS Committee of Scientific Qualification Committee of Politcal Sciences, member
1993—International Geographical Union Commission on Geography and Administration, tag
1994—2002General Assembly of Baranya County, member
1994—Regional Studies Association, member
1996—The Regional Commmittee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences at Pécs - Commission of Regional Development, member
1997—2000OTKA Hungarian Scientific Research Fund, Committee of Political Sciences, member
1999—2003HAS IX. Section of Economics and Law, member with voice but no vote
2000—2012HAS Committee of Public Administration, member
2002—Hungarian Regional Science Association, member
2003—Advisory Board of Local Observatory, member
2003—2010Hungarian Accreditation Committee Committee of Social Sciences, member
2003—2005Hungarian Lawyers' Association Scientific Committee, member
2004—2013The Regional Commmittee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences at Pécs - Working Committee of Political Sciences, president
2004—2010OTKA Hungarian Scientific Research Fund, College of Social Sciences and Humanities, member
2004—2006Prime Minister's Advisory Council on Local Government and Public Administration, member
2004—2010European Science Foundation Standing Committee for Social Sciences, member
2007—2012Hungarian Political Science Association, member of presidency
2008—2011Institute of Political Sciences HAS Scientific Board, member
2008—2014Bolyai János Research Scholarship, member of College IX.
2008—Institute of Political Sciences HAS Scientific Board, member
2010—Bolyai János Research Scholarship, Board of Trustees member
2014—Bolyai János Research Scholarship, president of College IX.
2014—HAS IX. Section of Economics and Law, vice president
2015—Hungarian Academy of Sciences - Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Chair
2016—National Public Service University Research Institute of Local Government Scientific Council, member
2017—International Geographical Union Commission on Geography and Administration, board member
2018—Group of Independent Experts on the European Charter of Local Self-Government (GIE) for Hungary, alternate member
2019—Academia Europea, member
2019—MTA Lendület Bölcsészet és Társadalomtudományi Szekció, elnök
2022—Hungarian Academy of Sciences, full member


1982Junior Scientist's Award of Hungarian Academy of Sciences
1987Junior Scientist's Award of Hungarian Academy of Sciences
1993Award of Comitatus Periodical
1995Award of Comitatus Periodical
1997Award of Comitatus Periodical
1998—2001Holder of Széchenyi Scholarship
2000Scientific Award of City of Pécs
2001Award of Comitatus Periodical
2002Acdemic Award
2003Award of Comitatus Periodical
2004Pro Civitate Award of City of Pécs
2007Pro Regio Award
2008Pro Renovanda Cultura Deák Ferenc Researcher Award
2009Kolnai Aurél Award, Hungarian Political Society
2011Bibó István Award, Hungarian Political Society
2018Scientific Award of the Regional Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Pécs

Editorial Membership

1987—2002Info-Társadalomtudomány, member
1991—Comitatus, member
2009—2012Carta Económica Regional, Nueva Época, Mexikó
2010—Új Magyar Közigazgatás, member
2011—Tér és Társadalom, member
2013—Politikatudományi Szemle, member
2014—European Journal of Spatial Development, tag
2014—Revue d'Études Comparatives Est-ouest, member
2014—European Journal of Spatial Planning
2016—Region: Economics and Sociology, member
2021—Máltai tanulmányok, tanácsadó testületi tag
2021—Pólusok, a PTE online folyóirata, tanácsadó testületi tag

Subjects taught

The Politology of Regionalism (Univ. of Pécs Faculty of Arts and Humanities Multidisciplinary Doctoral School)
Territorial Management (Univ. of Pécs Faculty of Business and Economics Doctoral school of Regional Science)
Principles of Constitutional Law (BA), Regional Policy (BA), Public Policies on Local Government (MA), Autonomies (MA) (univ. of Pécs Faculty of Arts and Humanities)

Research fields

The territorial issues of public administration, local policy relations, local government systems, the management aspects of regional development, regional policy in Europe


Planning Theory in Practice, Torino — Italy
The floating meso-level governance in Hungary - World Congress, IPSA, Montreal — Canada
The new institutional order of regional policy in Hungary, Varsó — Poland
Governance performance and Cohesion Policy in Central and Eastern Europe.SGEU-ECPR 8th Pan-European Conference, Trento — Italy
Wroclaw University, Wroclaw — Poland
The new institutional order of regional policy in Hungary, Warsaw — Austria
About the system of regional studies in Hungary. Novosibirsk, Siberian Branch oh Russian Academy of sciences, International Granberg conference, — Russia
Eine Bilanz der politischen und wirtschaftlichen transformation in Ungarn, Fellbach — Germany
Top down regionalism-EU adaptation and legitimacy in Hungary= Foster Europe. International Seminar, Eisenstadt — Austria
Challenges of regional policy and responses of traditional public administration in Central-East- European countries. 8. International Research Symposium on Public Management, Budapest — Hungary
Transition in local governance in CEE countries. ESF Workshop, Sofia, Szófia — Bulgaria
Rescaling of local governance in Hungary. Workshop of the IGU Commission on geography of Governance and IPSA Committee 5.Comparative Studies on Local Government and Politics, Jerusalem — Israel
The new scene of politics in Hungary: the region. International Conference of European Consortia of Political Researchers, Budapest — Hungary
International Scientific Conference. „Regional Cooperation in Europe:Opportunity for the Balkans, Dubrovnik — Croatia
Learning process of public administration in Hungarian regional policy. ADAPT programme, Budapest — Hungary
17th Annual Conference of the Hungarian Political Science Association, Budapest — Hungary
Europeanised governance and cohesion policy. International Scientific Conference. „Regional Cooperation in Europe: Opportunity for the Balkans” IUC, Dubrovnik — Croatia
Institutions and actors in Hungarian regional policy, Brussels — Belgium
Czech-Polish-Slovak Seminar, Bratislava-Mojmirovce — Slovakia
The decentralisation process in Croatia, Zagreb — Croatia
Pécs as the European Capital of Culture-trapped in multi-level governance? Regional Studies Association- Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna — Austria
Europeanization and two phases of regionalism in Hungary. RSA International Conference, AAlborg — Denmark
Beyond transition. Strategic workshop : Transition in territorial divison of power in CEE countries, Budapest — Hungary
Partnership or elitism. The regional development councils in the reality, Gdansk — Poland
The shaping regions in Hungary. European Week of Regions and Cities, Brussels — Belgium
Előadások a Center for Russian, Central and East European Studies keretében, New Brunswick — United States
The new scene of the politics, the region. L’Europe centrale dans la dynamique européenne, Prague — Czech Republic
Most Programme of UNESCO, Cape Town — South Africa
IRS Workshop on regionalisation processes, Berlin — Germany
Future directions of local governance in Central and Eastern Europe. ESF Forward look consensus conference, Berlin — Germany
Regions without legitimacy European influence on region-building in CEE, Entschede — Netherlands
Governance challenges of big-scale urban development programmes: the case of Pécs, Kyoto — Japan
RSA International Conference, Newcastle — United Kingdom
The story of the regionalism in Hungary. CEU-OSI Summer University, Budapest — Hungary
New Europe: Images of the Democratic Order, Wroclav — Poland
The Europeanisation of territorial governance in Central and Eastern European countries, Tallin — Estonia
Territorial cohesion-challenges for CEE countries. Open Days Brussels, EU Commission, Brussels — Belgium
Conference of IGU Commission on Geography and Administration, Montpellier — France
Future directions of local governance in Central and Eastern Europe. ESF Forward look consensus conferencen, Berlin — Germany
World Congress, IPSA, Montreal — Canada
Lessons of territorial reforms in Hungary. IPSA - University of Zagreb, Dubrovnik — Croatia
The institutional adaptation problems of Hungarian regional policy, Aix-an Provance — France
Europa – Forum, Neumarkt — Germany
Regionalism: Options and Scenarios for Hungary. 51. International Conference of Americanist’s, Santiago — Chile
Results of MOCEE project concerning the internationalisation of research community in CEE countrie, Bukarest — Romania
The chances and the future of regionalisation in Hungary, 1st DRC (Danube Rectors Conference) Summer School, Pécs — Hungary
Good governance and decentralisation. The case of Hungary. International conference Agropolis, Plenary session, Montpellier — France
The Hungarian regional policy, Kiev — Ukraine
Hungary’s regional structures: from setting up to reform. Ecole Normale Superiure, Lyon — France
Emerging Governance Structures in Hungary. Workshop, Berlin — Germany
Lectures in the Center for Russian, Central and East European Studies, New Brunswick — United States
Shaping regions in Hungary, Budapest — Hungary
The rise and fall of regions in Hungary. The same roots. Regions in Europe. Administrative structures and territorial identity issues - International conference. Károlyi Kastély, Fehérvárcsurgó — Hungary
Planning Theory in Practice, Torino — Italy
The Paradox of Place-Based Development and Centralised Governance:The Case of Pécs in Hungary, Izmir — Turkey
The future of cohesion policy and the local governance in CEE. Structures and Futures of Europe. 17th Annual Conference of the Hungarian Political Science Association, CEU, Budapest — Hungary
Tagung der Kommunalwissenschaftlichen Arbeitsgemeinschaft, Graz — Austria
Regional Studies Association Conference, Bécs — Austria
Developmental Issues of the Regions of V-4 Countries, Internationale Workshop, Smolenie — Slovakia
CEU-OSI Summer University, Budapest — Hungary
The Changing Role of Subnational Government in Hungary, Beer Sheba — Israel
Regionalism: options and scenarios for Hungary, Cuernavaca — Mexico
Regionalism- new challenges in Eastern Europe. Introduction to the final plenary session, Belgrade — Serbia
Changing patterns of local public service provision in Hungary. 33rd International Geographical Congress, Beijing — China
The new order of the regional policy in Hungary: aims, actors, means, Athens — Greece
Cohesion or modernisation. Regions/cities or central government. Central and Eastern European dilemmas concerning Structural Funds. RSA international conference, Newcastle — United Kingdom
Regionalism and transition, policy paradox in Hungary. Multi-level Governance in Europe, Connex conference (Network of Excellence 6th Framework), Athens — Greece
Dilemmas of the territorial division of power, Miercurea Ciuc — Romania
IGU Commission on Geography and Public Policy. Integrational attemps in Hungarian territorial public administration, Bratislava — Slovakia
Föderalismus und Dezentralisation in Mittel-Ost Europa, Garmish-Partenkirchen — Germany
The system of local governance in Hungary before and after the systemic change in 1990. (Il sistema di governo locale in Ungheria prima e dopo il cambiamento di regime (1990), Istituto per le ricerche di storia sociale e religiosa. Le amministrazioni comunali in Europe Centrale e Orientale in eta contemporaria, Vicenza — Italy
Region-building in Hungary. The case of South Transdanubia. Symposium on Regional Development and Governance, Ankara — Turkey
Why do institutions matter? External Pressures and Domestic Public (Regional and Environmental) Policy Transformation in Hungary and Poland, Uppsala — Sweden
Promoting internationalisation of social sciences in CEE countries. ESF-SCSS Member Organisation Forum. MOCEE final conference, Budapest — Hungary
The Hungarian Local Governments, Skofja Loka — Slovenia
Hungarian Regions Week at the Committee of the Regions, Brussels, A pilot region: South Transdanubia, Brussels — Belgium
Lectures about Hungarian local government system, New Brunswick — United States
The challenges of regional development in public administration, Cracow — Poland
The experience of Hungarian local govermnent system. Faculty of Management. Braca Karic University. Workshop on local management reform., Novi Sad — Serbia
IGU - The ever weakness of the meso in Hungary: reform capacity as a problem, Liszabon — Portugal
Europeanised regional policy and national administration. How does Hungary fit?. International Workshop Transatlantic Dialoges II. University of Guadalajara- Leibniz Institut für Regionalentwicklung und Strukturplanung, Guadalajara — Mexico
New borders old mechanisms. Dilemmas of the rescaling of public administration in Hungary, Pécs — Hungary
Partnership Institutions within Hungarian Public administration system corporativism in the spirit of co-ordination and flexibility, Bern — Switzerland
Regionalism in CEE-lessons to be learned. Czech-Polish-Slovak Seminar, Bratislava-Mojmirovce — Slovakia
Gegenwartige Lage und Zukunft der territorialen Selbstverwaltungen in Ungarn, Erfurt — Germany
Does regionalism come to a deadlock in Central and Eastern Europe. RSA Annual conference, Lisbon — Portugal


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