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Somlyódyné Pfeil Edit
Transdanubian Research Institute


Curriculum Vitae

Personal data

Name : Somlyódyné Pfeil Edit

Place and date of birth : Mohács, June 3th,1964

Marital status : married, two children


fax Centre +36 (72) 523-803
landline Work +36 (72) 523-832
landline Centre +36 (72) 523-800
E-mail somlyodyne(at)rkk.hu

Education and training

1987University of Janus Pannonius Faculty of Law — Lawyer's degree
1990University of Janus Pannonius Faculty of Law — MSc
2001University of Pécs Faculty of Law — PhD in Law

Language skills

German (writes, reads, lectures)
English (reads)

Places of work and employment

1987—1991Centre for Regional Studies Hungarian Academy of Sciences Transdanubian Institute — junior research fellow
1991—2002Centre for Regional Studies Hungarian Academy of Sciences Transdanubian Institute — research fellow
2002—Centre for Regional Studies Hungarian Academy of Sciences Transdanubian Institute — tudományos főmunkatárs
2003—2004Centre for Regional Studies Hungarian Academy of Sciences Transdanubian Institute — deputy director
2004—2010University of Kaposvár Faculty of Economic Science — associate professor

Teaching activities

1998—2005reader, University of Pécs Faculty of Business and Economics
2002—2004reader, University of Kaposvár Faculty of Veterinary Science
2004—associate professor, University of Kaposvár Faculty of Economic Science
2010—visiting lecturer, Széchenyi István University Győr Doctoral School of Regional Policy and Economics

Scientific activity

1988—Hungarian Political Science Association, member
2001—Bolyai Club, member
2002—Hungarian Regional Science Association, member
2003—Hungarian Public Administration Committee, member


1991Junior Scientists' Award of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, HAS
1997Award of Comitatus Periodical
2002—2004Bolyai János Research Scholarship, MTA

Subjects taught

Public administration and self-government (University of Kaposvár Faculty of Economic Science)
Knowledge of public administration (University of Kaposvár Faculty of Economic Science)
Urban areas and spatial policy (Széchenyi István University Győr, Doctoral School of Regional Policy and Economics)
Business law (University of Kaposvár Faculty of Economic Science)

Research fields

Public administration in territorial approach
The legal aspects of spatial planning
Institutionalization of cooperation among municipalities
Cooperation in urban areas

Trips abroad

1988study trip — Poland
1989study trip — Germany
1993study trip — Austria
1994study trip — Germany
1995study trip — Germany
1997study trip — Germany
1999study trip — Germany
2001study trip — United Kingdom


Total number of publications: 72, of them the number of books is 3, 1 book-editing, 35 scientific articles in journals. Number of citations 124, of them published in foreign journals is 16.
Most relevant publications
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