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Services of the Library

The Library of the Transdanubian Research Institute Centre for Regional Studies HAS is open for visitors with restricted access. It provides borrowing facilities for the Institute's internal staff only but the Reading Room is open for visitors be university professors, students, PhD students of schools of regional policy, regional or local development policymakers or professionals, local  governmental or microregional development experts. The Library is participating in the interlibrary loan system not only as a receiver but also as a sender organization.

A quarterly newsletter on new book acquisitions and new periodical articles is regularly published among the researchers' community which is sent through the Institute's internal mailing system to all researchers working in different parts of Hungary. 

The Library actively participates in the Hungarian National Document Suppy Network (ODR)  both as a sender and receiver and provides interlibrary loan facilities for all the researchers of Centre for Regional Studies HAS.

Scientific research also needs bibliometric information on published papers, articles and their citation data. The Library collects, analyses and publishes the current citation data of the Institute's publications on its website. It also transfers the Institute's publication and citation data to the Database of Scientific  Publications of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

In 2004-ben a book was published for the 20th anniversary of the foundation of Centre for Regional Studies on the scientific publications of the whole staff of the Institute. In 2004-ben a book series was launched under the title 'Kutatói bibliográfiák (Researcher's Bibliographies) summing up the whole scientific career of a reseacher.

The Library also provides bibliographic reference services by executing literature sarch and compiling various bibliographies. Photocopying services are also available if needed.

The Library also participates in the dissemination, promotion and sales activities of the Centre's printed publications.